Powerful cloud storage for creative workflows

The secure single source of truth that enables streamline operations by eliminating messy folders, content in silos, asset misuse, and distribution roadblocks.
Image tiles of rich media asset previews
Screen of incoming File Request in Ci Media Cloud UI
Simple, fast file acquisition
Get your content from point A to Ci
Get the most out of your bandwidth with accelerated file transfers
Set up a File Request to get content from remote contributors
Gather content directly from network-enabled cameras
Browser upload
Remote file contribution
High-speed file transfer
Built-in Aspera transfer
Metadata templates
FTP service
Folder and bulk upload
Live stream
Did you pay $80K for film school to watch a progress bar?
What if you could upload and ingest your content once and walk away? Then, a magical system picks up where you left off and automatically creates thumbnails or preview elements you need for editing and sharing AND they are in the correct render format. A miracle? Nope, just Ci.
Screen showing file elements of a media file
Media Processing and Enrichment
Automate time-consuming tasks
Automatically render highly functional proxies and extract metadata during ingest to save time later
Eliminate single-task solutions dedicated to moving, storing, logging, and processing files
Log, publish, clip, and enable search for custom time-based metadata on files or live streams
Create clips and frame grabs
File notes
AI-powered metadata tagging
Auto metadata extraction
Metadata templates
Caption extraction
Custom proxy generation
Custom renders
File element upload
Time-based video logging
Graphical interface of search functionality
Search and Discovery
Find the content you need with ease
Seamlessly search across all content stored in Ci
Filter and sort your content using metadata
Preview media files instantly without losing your work context
Discover recently added and favorite content to get back to things quickly
Recent searches
Search filters
Recently added
Boolean search
Metadata search
AI-powered related files
Metadata-based table view
Export CSV for search results
Thumbnail preview & video scrubbing
Logged event search
Man with beard and glasses shown in an ImageReview session
Cloud productivity toolkit
Professional tools for professional needs
Review with anyone with Review apps, then run a global screening with the LiveSession add-on
Premiere Pro panel integration to access content without leaving Premiere
Create clips from live streams while still on-air
Create storyboards on the fly and export to your favorite NLE or render a web-viewable rough cut
Comment & annotate
Premiere Pro integration
Synced real-time playback
Create clips & frame grabs
Source quality frame preview
Create storyboards
Custom renders
Video & Audio level analysis
Cropping guides
Export NLE markers
MediaBox file sharing screen
Sharing and Distribution
Secure file sharing without limitations
Easy link-sharing with blazing-fast transfers and security measures including password protection, expiration date, and watermarking
Access models for collaborative production or finished catalog content
Skip the download and deliver directly where you want it
Link-based preview & delivery
Burn-in watermarking
Dynamic watermarking
Built-in Aspera transfer
Send to Aspera node/AWS S3 location
Contact sheets
Share attached files & generated proxies
User lists for scaled distribution
Password protection
Did you know that up to 70% of created content remains unused?
This happens mainly due to either files not being easy to discover, at the right time or ineffective collaboration causing misaligned expectations. Let's help fix that.
Graphical interface of adding members to a Space
Content Management
A central repository for every workflow
A centralized repository for the smallest teams to the largest organizations
Customizable access with granular permissions
Easily shift storage tiers or automate content management with storage policies to save time and costs
Flexible access control models
Tiered archive and restore
Bring your own storage (AWS)
Content lifecycle management
Usage analytics
Graphical interface of storage management screen
Workflow Automation
Prepare your content for the next step automatically
Free up resources from manual transcode and transformation steps
Leverage AI to enrich content with search-ready metadata
Get the most out of your existing solutions by building cloud extensions with Ci’s robust API
Content lifecycle management
Custom proxy generation
Auto metadata extraction
Auto speech-to-text transcription
AI-powered metadata tagging
Got silos? Start letting teams work the way they need to.
Bring teams, departments or entire companies in without worrying about counting concurrent users or blowing up your budget.
Screen of File Request file gathering
Branded look and feel
Customize your platform experience
Maintain your brand image both internally and externally
Customize your companies Log-in experience
Make your brand stay on point with your branded file contribution and preview links
Custom URL
Branded file contribution links
Branded link-based preview
Branded log-in experience
Tiled white icons on blue background
Transparent and simple space management
Optimized for enterprises supporting teams with varying workflows
Fast and easy set-up and intuitive interface for high adoption
Flexible billing and admin structures
Platform administration
Consolidated billing
Usage analytics
User lists for scaled distribution
SSO integration
Configurable email notifications
Workspace activity stream
Alerts & notifications
Tiled graphic representing security features
Secure access and scale you can count on
Secure media with automatic end-to-end encryption on all content in-transit and at rest
Fine-tune settings to meet your company’s security policies
Follow ISO 27001 compliance standards
Platform administration
Multi-factor authentication
Usage analytics
Forensic watermarking
Burn-in watermarking
Dynamic watermarking
Workspace activity stream
SSO integration
Bring your own storage (AWS)
Flexible access control models
Support for data loss prevention
Password protection
Tiled graphic of feature support
Dedicated to your success
Broad knowledge base articles for easy onboarding and feature user guides
Network-tier customers receive priority assistance from our world-class customer success team
Online self-help guides
Online & phone support
Onboarding & training
Expedited feature requests
When tools don’t play well together, the end-user pays the price.
Today's teams use lots of standalone products from transcoding and transcription to editing and storage management. When they don't integrate well, cumbersome workarounds crop up and languish. Ci is built for integration with a robust REST API and event-based architecture to stop the workarounds and bring sanity to your workflows.
Tiled logos representing API connections
Integrations and APIs
Make the most of your existing solutions
Robust REST API for core functions and ever-increasing features
Extend your existing on-prem systems to the cloud
Built-in integrations enable users to access Ci content seamlessly
Bring your own storage (AWS)
Premiere Pro integration
Teradek integration
Send to Aspera node/AWS S3 location
SSO integration
C3 Portal integration
Snapstream integration
ATOMOS integration
Pomfort integration