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Shuttling content from system to system slowing you down? As the central repository for all of your media content, Ci streamlines your teams, content, and workflows into a single cloud-based platform.
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The cost of disconnected systems and redundancies
Today, rich media is critical for engaging stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise. Rigid licensing models of most systems prevent broader access to those who need it. While streamlining disconnected systems can be complex and expensive, the cost of decentralized media management is even higher. Transferring content from one silo to another, duplicating it across multiple systems, and absence of a centralized repository. These processes cost companies time and money while limiting the opportunities to reach audiences with their most engaging content.
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The Ci solution

A media management platform built for media
Sony’s Ci Media Cloud platform seamlessly unifies content management for workflows across your organization. With Ci as your central media repository, departments, teams, and users can access content from a single source of truth - eliminating redundant file transfers and duplicate storage space - online or on-premises. In addition to content management and archiving, Ci’s file transfer acceleration, transcoding, and collaborative review streamline your workflows. Flexible access models with simple administration, intuitive interfaces, and enterprise-grade security help ensure the right people have the right level of access to your video cloud storage to get their job done.


Ci is a centralized repository to bring your teams together. The media lifecycle continues uninterrupted - saving time and money.

Eliminate content silos

A single content repository for your entire organization. Simple user management and seamless search across your entire content repository.

Secure and simple to use

Trusted by the biggest names in the business, rest assured Ci keeps your content safe. Administration is easy with access models built for your organizations’ needs.

Streamline workflows

Worried about slow transfers for large video files? It's more than cloud video storage and archive. With built-in file transfer acceleration, transcoding, and collaboration, Ci can replace five disconnected media solutions.

Save time and money

A centralized repository that feeds into multiple workflows and eliminates redundant file transfers and duplicate file storage space.


Centralized media management

Media processing & enrichment
Smart search & discovery
Content & catalog management
Metadata enrichment

Workflow automation

Content lifecycle management
Auto-QC & auto-transcription
Custom render generation
AI-powered metadata tagging

Reliable security

End-to-end encryption
Dynamic watermarking
SSO integration
Flexible user administration

Seamless collaboration

Secure file sharing & distribution
Streamlined fast file gathering
Clipping & cloud productivity tools
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Choose your access model: Workspace and Catalog

Ci offers two distinct access models to simplify user administration and access controls. Workspace serves creative teams that need low-friction access for fast-paced work-in-progress projects. Catalog serves enterprises that need a media management solution for finished content to fulfill downstream workflows including sales, localization, distribution, and archive. Combined, Ci supports the many ways teams need to work, from capture to production, delivery, and archive, so media workflows can continue seamlessly throughout the entire lifecycle.
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Built-in storage tiers and lifecycle management

Archiving content in Ci enables users to push content stored in AWS S3 to Glacier or Deep Glacier allowing users to save on file storage costs in just a few clicks. Archived content is fully accessible, preview-ready, and can be restored to S3 just as easily. Ci’s storage management policies allow companies to automate media management and keep file storage costs low. Companies can also bring their AWS S3 bucket to work with Ci.
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Case Study

Global music company


A world-leading multinational music company aimed to consolidate assets from businesses in 60+ countries. They needed a solution that could handle bulk upload, integrate with existing systems, and offered simple user and access management.


Petabytes of digital audio and video content were gathered and centralized from their global businesses. For larger libraries, the customer used AWS Snowball for ingest, and services like AWS Rekognition and S3 Glacier were used to automate and save costs.


With Ci the company built an accessible, discoverable centralized repository that enabled opportunities for new distribution deals. Ci also accelerated the content editing process, and automation enabled streamlined management of an expanding library of rich media content.
Centralize and streamline your media storage and archive with Ci