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Our Simple Referral Program brings you an immediate 50% of the first month’s subscription fee. On the contrary, our Preferred Partner Program enables you to own the customer relationship and generate a revenue stream of recurring fees.
Why your customers want Ci?
Once your customers Ci, they cannot un-Ci.
Once your media customers get a taste of Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform, they’ll never go back to conventional workflows. Forget about shipping hard drives from the set. Forget about making the client and the producer travel to the edit suite. Forget about repetitive, boring manual transcodes, QCs and file transfers. Sony’s Media Cloud Platform can do all of this, with less effort, greater automation and higher efficiency than ever before.
A cloud service built for media professionals.
Brought to you by Sony Professional Solutions, the Ci platform is the cloud service you’d design, if you had the time and the engineering bandwidth to pull it off. More than just generic storage, it’s a robust platform for all media workflows. Collaboration, media processing and workflow integration designed for professionals.
Satisfy customers of all shapes and sizes.
Ci customers include everyone from individual shooters and small production houses to a who’s who of motion picture studios, commercial broadcast networks, public broadcasters and content syndicators.
Production Houses
Upload to Ci from on the set or in the field. Generate editorial proxies in the cloud and deliver them to post. Archive the originals. Conduct dailies review in the cloud, import to NLE and edit.
Marketing & Advertising
Upload ads, promos and elements to the cloud. Generate viewing proxies. Enable collaboration. Review, approve and distribute.
Media & PR Schools
Upload class projects to the cloud. Create viewing proxies. Enable collaboration. Archive finished projects. Enable instructors to grade, annotate and provide feedback.
Our Programs
Select between our Simple Referral and Preferred Partner programs
Simple Referral
Get paid for every referral that results in a minimum 3-month enterprise plan subscription. You earn 50% of the first month’s subscription fee. So the bigger the account you sell, the more money you take home.
Preferred Partner
Solutions Integrator and Service Providers can offer their clients the benefits of the Ci Media Cloud Platform, without giving up ownership of the customer relationship. By providing Tier 1 support, you retain the relationship your business demands. Best of all, you can tailor the Ci offering to meet the customer’s specific needs.
*Participation in Ci Simple Referral and/or Preferred Partner programs is contingent on meeting certain qualifications. Sony reserves right in its sole discretion to determine if a party qualifies for Ci Simpler referral and/or Preferred Partner programs.
Earn between 10% and 25% of recurring revenue on each deal
Placement in Sony Ci Preferred Partner Directory
Solution architecture support
Development support
Press Release and Marketing content support
Partner provides Level 1 support
Partner bills the customers directly
Partner participates in monthly Ci training updates
Partner registers opportunities through the designated partner account manager
Tailor Ci to meet your needs
Ci Spaces. Offer an enterprise-class solution for remote contribution, content management, collaboration and archiving.
Hybrid on-prem/cloud. Help your customer migrate from expensive Capex to flexible Opex by integrating their workflows with the cloud.
Roll your own. Build your own custom solutions on the Ci platform with our simple REST API, SDK’s and direct developer support.