Powerful integrations for seamless workflows

Ci is built for integration with a robust REST API and event-based architecture. Remove stopgaps and bring automation and sanity to your workflows.
Tiled images of video editing editor and photo set up
Camera-to-Cloud, Simplified by Ci
Transfer files to editors while still on-set with Ci’s camera-to-cloud workflows. Let your editors start working immediately with blazing fast file transfers and automated transcodes to house editorial formats. Share files and clips directly from Ci for review or dailies workflows.
Sony Sports broadcast camera in a crowded stadium
Sony’s C3 Portal
Transfer footage to Ci faster, from anywhere
Easily connect Sony camcorders to the cloud without additional transmission hardware
Monitor and control your camcorders in the field remotely
Manually or automatically transfer files and metadata to Ci
Closeup of Atomos monitor and camera filming a woman in a restaurant
Upload from Atomos CONNECT products
Realize camera-to-cloud upload with virtually any HDMI or SDI camera source
Directly upload files via Atomos Cloud Studio to Ci
Accelerate content creation by reducing time from capture to post-production
Woman's hand holding out a Teradek encoder against a purple background
Upload from Teradek encoders to Ci
Simple, secure connection to cameras with configurable target folder structures
Automatically create frame-accurate preview proxies
Let your team know when files are ready with built-in notifications
Native app integrations
Ci has built-in integrations that allow users to consume media-centric services like IBM Aspera and AWS Rekognition, AWS Transcribe and transcoding services directly within the platform. Got S3 buckets or Aspera nodes? Bring them to Ci and to make the most of your existing systems while leveraging Ci’s robust collaboration and management features.
Graphical interface of Pomfort screen
Deliver footage and dailies faster from Silverstack Lab
Streamline and simplify remote file transfers from the set
Directly upload clips from Silverstack Lab to a folder in Ci
Instantly allow off-set members to instantly review dailies footage
AWS logo
Amazon Web Services
Bring your own AWS storage into Ci
Access, view and work on files stored in your own AWS account
Use the right storage tier for the right use case
Automate archiving with storage management policies
Upload options including Aspera
IBM Aspera
Accelerate transfers to and from Ci
Prioritize, pause, resume files and folder transfers with Aspera Connect
Make the most of your bandwidth with adjustable transfer speeds
Streamline delivery with direct file delivery to Aspera nodes
Additional Integrations
Simplify user management with single sign-on (SSO) integrations. Editors can seamlessly access and work on files natively in Adobe Premiere Pro panel.
Woman on laptop using Premiere Pro panel
Adobe Premiere Pro
View, edit and share from inside Premiere
Access files in Workspace without leaving Premiere
Seamlessly import files to your project bins and render edits with customer encoding profiles
Upload cuts to Ci for review with your team or clients
Graphical tiles of integration partners
Single Sign-on
Manage users with single sign-on (SSO)
Configure with popular ID providers including: OKTA, Azure AD
Set up custom domain and branding for log in
Streamline user management with SSO
Supercharge your workflows with Ci API
Teams use a mix of standalone products from transcoding and transcription to editing and storage management. When these tools don’t integrate well, your team pays the price with cumbersome workarounds and unnecessary downtime. Ci’s robust REST API and event-based architecture helps to stop the workarounds and bring sanity to your workflows.