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Ci, the cloud-based rich media platform from Sony, is available for free for solo users. Test the waters by taking advantage of our free asset management software and watch your productivity and workflow transform.

Manage your digital assets with ease

Ci Media Cloud is a robust all-in-one tool for individual creatives looking to speed up and simplify their creative process. With a free Ci account, you can easily find and categorize rich media, collaborate with other professionals around the world, and send large files—free of charge.
Media asset management user interface

What’s included with a free Ci plan

The free version of Ci gives you all the apps and tools you’ll need to upload, organize, request and share your digital media. As an individual Free Plan user, you’ll enjoy access to:
With a Workspace just for you, all assets for a project can live in one convenient location. There’s no need to switch back and forth between various, expensive software solutions—you can now enrich your media in the same place you organize it.
10 GB of Active Storage
Manage your media throughout its entire life cycle with the ability to store up to 10 GB of photos and videos. All media is safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.
10 GB of Data Transfers Per Month
Add to your Workspace or publish your finished projects whenever you need to. Free users enjoy up to 10 GB of uploads and downloads each month—perfect for quick, on-the-go asset management.
Unlimited File Requests and Shares
Free file-sharing software should never limit collaboration. Ci eliminates sharing caps, giving all users the ability to seamlessly send, request and accept files and folders. Share with clients and colleagues as much—and as often—as you need.
Collaborative Review Sessions
Ci was built with better teamwork in mind. The real-time review session functionality enables you to work remotely alongside other creatives, whether they’re down the hall or on the other side of the country.

Why switch to Ci?

Designed to propel creatives forward, Ci packs countless features into a compact, easy-to-use interface. The all-in-one asset management service empowers you to organize files, enrich media, review work, and share media from a single touchpoint, letting you spend less time sifting through files—and more time creating.
Create on the Go
As a cloud-based platform, Ci gives you the freedom to upload and download rich media from anywhere. A mobile app makes it even easier to work creatively while filming on location or traveling the globe.
Stay Up to Date
To keep you in the loop, the platform includes a built-in activity log, instant email notifications and annotation features. Reviewing edits made by yourself or a collaborator is as simple as clicking on a file.
Add Custom Metadata
Never lose track of an asset within your library again. Ci lets you write in-depth, customizable metadata for every photo and video, improving organization and searchability within your Workspace.
Share Securely
Say hello to simple, secure file sharing. With a few clicks, you can send assets, set expiration dates, and toggle between Public and Private access, then see who’s opened, previewed, and downloaded each file.

No strings attached. Upgrade on your own timeline.

While you may only need the basics now, you might want more storage space and additional features in the future as your personal or professional needs change. Ci has you covered with flexible month-to-month plans. At any time, you can upgrade to a more powerful paid plan and carry over all existing assets within the same account.

Start working in seconds

Tired of wasting time bouncing between programs, fumbling for passwords, and paying yet another subscription fee? Looking for a more straightforward solution? Ci combines all the collaboration, sharing, logging, and enrichment features of your favorite asset management tools into one sleek interface. The result? One of the best free file-sharing platforms on the market.

No contracts. No long commitments. No credit card required. There is virtually zero risk to adding Ci Media Cloud into your workflow.