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What is Ci?
Ci Media Cloud is a cloud-based solution from Sony where users can capture, backup, review, transform and run streamlined media workflows without moving or copying files. It is the only media platform that offers remote file gathering, collaboration, automated transcoding, high-speed file transfer, QC, logging, and archive in a single SaaS subscription.
Adopted by Hollywood studios, filmmakers, television shows, sports and news, Ci connects people and content from anywhere to streamline the creative process.
What is the difference between Workspace and Catalog?
Workspace serves creative teams that need low-friction access for fast-paced work-in-progress projects. Catalog serves enterprises that need a media management solution for finished content to fulfill downstream workflows including sales, localization, distribution, and archive.
What file formats are supported in Ci? Do you support ProRes? 8K?
Ci supports upload of a wide spectrum of file formats from Adobe Illustrator files to ProRes videos. More importantly, when you upload image and video files, Ci automatically creates web-previewable proxies so you can start working on the files faster. And of course, Ci can create preview proxies for Sony RAW and X-OCN files at the time of ingest too.
Are there user limits?
Free and Pro Plans include 1 user. But you can provide access to UNLIMITED users with Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. Invite your whole team, department, or division into your Workspace (or Catalog) and never worry about adding costs when you grow your team. There is also no limit to the number of people you invite into a VideoReview/ImageReview session. And of course, you can also share content with anybody any time with our MediaBox feature.
What type of permission levels are there?
There are two user access models. Ci Workspace is a space designed for production, broadcast, and creative teams who need simple, low-friction access to content for fast-paced work-in-progress projects. All Workspace members have equal access to Workspace content with the ability to add, modify, edit, share, and trash content. Ci Catalog is built for enterprise companies who need a central media management solution that spans groups with different levels of permissions. For finished content such as digital sales, localization, monetization, and archive. Catalog member roles range from viewer, contributor, collaborator, editor, and folder admin.
How secure are my files?
The security of your content is top of mind for us, which is why Sony Media Cloud Services is monitored 24x7x365 by Sony’s Global Security Operations Center. Our systems are subject to continual scan and regular penetration testing to help ensure that they are robust and resilient. We are ISO Certified and externally verified to be compliant with MPAA’s best practices leading our market in terms of third party assurance and validation. Learn more about Security at Ci.
I’m interested in a Team plan with larger storage but don’t need the features in an Enterprise plan. Is there a plan for me?
Absolutely! We have a Business Plan that has expanded storage, unlimited Workspaces and premium features and that you can purchase month-to-month online, with no contracts or commitments. Or if storage is what you need, you can simply add-on blocks of storage to your Team plan - purchase only what you need, when you need it. Finally, we can help you create a Ci plan that meets your storage needs. Connect with one of our Customer Success experts.
What are my payment options?
Pro, Team, and Business plans can be paid by credit card from your Account Settings within Ci. Invoicing is available for Enterprise plans. If you would like to pay for an Enterprise plan with a credit card, contact our Customer Success team.
Do you offer discounts?
From time to time, you may see a special promotion for new subscribers. Volume discounts are available for Enterprise plans. Ci also offers discounts for annual subscription renewals on Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. Request a custom quote.
Does the Ci platform integrate with other applications & systems?
Ci currently has integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro, IBM Aspera, Amazon Web Services, and Teradek encoders. Ci also integrates with Microsoft Azure and Okta for single sign-on (SSO). Naturally, Ci also integrates with Sony’s media solutions offerings such as C3 Portal, Crispin, and more. Ci has robust REST APIs that can be used to integrate with existing systems. Contact a Ci representative to hear about real-world samples of custom integrations built by customers or explore our Ci API portfolio.