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Production / Post-Production
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Zinc Media uses Ci to drive efficiency and sustainability in its post-production process. Reliability and robust features drove Zinc to adopt across their entire business, allowing Zinc Media to enhance scalability, collaboration, and production speed.
Man in an interview from GBH
GBH streamlines media management across its organization with Ci Media Cloud - a centralized platform integrated with playout systems that saves time and money and enables live review sessions for production teams.
Frame still of Stephen Shapiro of Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures Entertainment uses the Ci Workflow app to automate resource-heavy media processing for Visual Effects (VFX). It eliminates redundant file storage and rendering by enabling users to kick off EDL-pull workflows in a simple, easy-to-use browser application.
Closeup of Sony cinema camera and equipment
Bunim-Murray Productions leverages Ci for the post-production of reality TV shows. It enables immediate file transfer from camera to post, AI capabilities like transcription, saving productions time and money.
Curved desk at ITN productions titled The Media Hub
London-based ITN Productions explains why they chose Sony's Ci for their cloud solution and how they automated their dailies workflow using Ci's API.
Sinclair Broadcast Group relies on Ci Media Cloud as its centralized media asset management system. By leveraging Ci API, Sinclair ensured efficient metadata extraction, created consolidated media objects in Ci, and unlocked automation for playout workflows.
Two men at a news desk for Nine Networks
With Ci, Nine Network securely delivers news packages from the field thousands of kilometers away back to the studio in minutes. In the three years of using Ci, Nine continues to find new ways to leverage the platform to bridge outdated workflows and save time and money.
Man in an interview with grupo adnkronos and sony logos
ADN Kronos, an Italian multi-platform news agency, transformed operations with the help of Sony's NavigatorX and Ci, optimizing workflow for efficient creation and distribution of 2,000 news articles daily, enabling remote collaboration and quick upload of footage from journalists around the globe.
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CBS News uses Ci for remote editing, benefiting from accelerated file transfer and proxy creation. By transitioning to a cloud-based file management solution, they overcame access challenges and could securely gather media files from external contributors.
The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) leveraged Ci to manage two decades of legacy content and streamlined asset ownership. With Ci handling images, videos, live streams, and access, the CGF easily made content available to news agencies and boosted fan engagement globally, setting a precedent for future Games.
Man in interview for SVG webinar
With Ci, CBS Sports streamlined its production, editorial, and broadcast workflows. Initially adopted to gather Final Four footage, Ci helps CBS enable remote editorial for live production. Ci helps productions and editors organize and remotely manage incoming content.
Drag racing stadium and car
Explore how the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) optimized its production workflow and streamlined media management to elevate productivity by harnessing the power of Ci Media Cloud.
Man in an interview for the arizona coyotes
Ci Media Cloud and NavigatorX, the Coyotes were able to bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud, allowing for fast ingest of content – directly from Sony cameras in the field, managing and distributing content from anywhere, and long-term preservation of their content in the cloud.
Man in an interview for a webinar
The Sun Belt Conference uses Ci to manage incoming content from member schools, store content in a single central location, and streamline the delivery of footage, melts, and clips to media outlets.
Frame still of customer from SVG webinar
The Tennessee Titans initially adopted Ci for road-game production workflows and how workflows shifted in 2020, producing content for live event broadcasts and bringing content back to editorial to fill additional workflows, How a remote cloud-based workflow enabled the Titan to continue producing digital content despite NFL restrictions.
Several rows of empty yellow chairs in a square in Locarno, Switzerland
The Locarno Festival was searching for an elegant solution to their film submission problem. This search led to a partnership with Ci to streamline submissions and reviews for its award program and enable support for live production support.
News reporter interviewing a clergyman who is wearing a mask
DeSales Media adopted Sony’s portfolio of intelligent media services to create a new cloud-based infrastructure using Ci Media Cloud and streamlined efficiencies with Crispin’s master control automation solution.
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Discover how Rory Peck Trust enhanced its annual awards workflow using the Ci Media Cloud Platform, resulting in streamlined processes and increased efficiency.
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UMG consolidated assets from 60+ countries into a global centralized media repository in Ci. Using ready-made integrations for ingest, automation, and cost savings, UMG created a web-accessible catalog with streamlined management and new distribution opportunities.
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“Sony Ci is a really attractive partner for us. Our whole facility is built around scalability, security and collaboration. It offers us all of those things in one neat cloud platform."
Olly Strous, Chief Technology Officer
“Sony pioneered cloud based asset management and the NHRA saw the potential to increase our productivity using Ci across all departments, from sales to editorial Ci allows us the ability to quickly edit, and deliver content to network partners and vendors.”
Rob Hedrick, Senior Director of Production
“It’s great for editorial reviews, an editor in New York or London finishes a cut and can then upload a cut for the executive producer to watch, they watch it [and] they send back notes.”
Tim Mangini, Sr. Director of Production Tech.
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