Ci the big picture

We bring media workflows and teams together in the cloud

Our mission is to create a place where remote teams can work with their content in a platform built for media workflows. Our focus is on building solutions that empower teams to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively in a reliable and secure environment that ultimately makes your life easier.
About Us
Born, bred, and groomed in the global media industry.

In 2013, a team of M&E industry leaders and technologists came up with an idea of a cloud-based media collaboration service that would allow teams to work from anywhere without worrying about managing or scaling infrastructure. Sony embraced the vision, and Ci, Sony’s first SaaS for professional media, was born.

At the time, media companies were still tentative about the cloud. Sony worked side by side with the industry to prove that a cloud service architected in the right way would not only streamline media management for workflows across the enterprise, but would also lower costs and enhance security. Ci is now used by over 250,000 media professionals every month in over 160 countries.

Our Values
Collaboration and teamwork
We see one another
We are committed, driven, and hard-working - each of us pulling our weight and then some. We operate on empathy and integrity. We care for, respect, and trust one another. Our team has grit. We can stay positive and playful because we know we can rely on each other for support across regions and timezones and focus on our tasks. We believe because we know firsthand that collaboration across disparate teams can work.
Customer success above all
We see our customers
We are obsessed with our customer’s success. Nothing brings us joy like helping customers discover new, better works to do their work. Simplicity and efficiency are at the core of our platform. We’re a mature, thoughtful, and process-driven team. We care deeply about quality and excellence. As a product-oriented organization, we appreciate the full impact our platform has on our diverse customers and the community at large.
Always innovating
We see the big picture
We are curious and open-minded - always learning. We live to innovate. We are invigorated by new challenges and problems to solve. Our creativity and ingenuity show in our work. We think big and small - scalability is in our DNA. This flexibility lets us be nimble and responsive to our customer’s needs and advances in modern processes and technologies.
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